When Genevieve Williams approached me to do a full branding campaign for her new real estate firm, I jumped at the chance to translate her modern, classy style into a logo. I created a set of logos that could adapt to any space requirement, while maintaining the integrity of the brand. The eggplant color is modern and strong, while still slightly feminine - perfect for a firm run by women. It also stands out in the sea of blues common in the real estate industry.

The stationery system shows the adaptability of the logo.

The most important piece of the initial branding was her yard sign - it needed to stand out against the busy backdrop of houses, yards, and apartments, while conveying her brand at a glance. The white circle draws eyes right to the sign.

I created a set of templates for the new firm's marketing director to be able to easily create listing, property, and buyer's guides. A custom pattern appears on the inside covers.

I also created a full set of local zip code logos to match her brand logo. The zip code logos are used on promotional material and serve as an extra layer of branding, while instilling a sense of pride in the area being promoted.

When Genevieve's new office opened, the interior style perfectly matched the classiness of her new branding. You can read more about the design of the interior space here. photo credit: Paul Rauch

The promotional material was carefully chosen for excellent quality and the ability to stand out amongst a sea of other real estate swag - and look great with the new logos.

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