A national provider of commercial real estate information and services, approached page2studio for an updated brand. As a part of their rebranding, I worked with a local printer to streamline the printing of business cards for their 500+ employees and the 10-20 new business cards requested each month.

Rebranding kicked off with an updated logo that echoed the solidity and boldness of the company and reflected their cutting-edge products and services.

I designed a series of customizable product sell sheets and brochures that were available to print on demand through a print portal.

I did a full assessment and redesign of the company website to focus on market coverage, products, and solutions. The mobile-responsive website featured HubSpot integration and comprehensive SEO.

Over 30 different email marketing blasts were created, ranging from customer acquisition to product feature updates.

I designed a full range of print and digital advertising, focusing on selling a comprehensive solution set as well as driving awareness in new markets.

With over 60 outside sales representatives, the client needed a sales kit tailored to the needs of specific clients and markets. These die-cut pocket folders were customized through the print portal with sales sheets, brochures, and business cards.

I was commissioned to work with a vendor on developing a recognition award that would create brand awareness for the 1,000+ professionals that participated in quarterly advisory boards across the U.S.

In order to create brand awareness during the New York market expansion, I designed a car wrap for the 30+ field research vehicles. I then art directed a photoshoot in Manhattan, including photographer and  location selection, as well as on-site art direction during the shoot.

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